Meet Libby

Hi! I'm Libby Mills, an artist, illustrator, and all-round creative soul.

Libby Mills Artist Northern Rivers, NSW Australia

My studio is nestled in the picturesque region of Northern NSW, Australia, surrounded by rolling hills and views of Mt Warning. From the soft touch of sandy feet to the crisp country air, this idyllic place fuels my creative spirit.

As an artist, I thrive on exploration. My art is a canvas for ideas that delve into nature, travel, and the profound connections that define our lives. The world, with its infinite beauty and wonder, serves as my endless source of inspiration. Art is a living entity, fuelled by the simplicity of a leaf, the kaleidoscope of emotions, the possibilities of creation, or the harmonious interplay of various mediums on a canvas.

Whether it's text on a page, pastel hues at sunset, or the endless realms of creativity, inspiration finds its way to me from countless sources. My artistic journey is a vibrant tapestry woven from various genres and media. It includes painting in its myriad forms, photography that captures moments in time, writing that spills from my soul, and computer graphics that bridge the realms of the digital and the organic.

Among these, acrylic and mixed media painting stand out as a profound means of expression. The diverse nature of this medium allows me to engage in a unique conversation with each artwork as it takes shape. When I paint, I fuse ideas using pattern, colour and mark making, which in turn creates an intuitive dance on the canvas as the artwork evolves.

I’m excited for you to join me on this artistic journey, where every stroke of the brush and inspired project embodies a chapter of my creative exploration.

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