Wooden Printing Blocks

Unleash Your Creativity - How To Use Wood Block Stamps

Woodblock stamps are more than just tools; they are a gateway to endless
creative possibilities. Here at Artful Wanderer, we're excited to help you
explore the art of stamping and unleash your imagination. Here's how to
get started:

Stamp Selection: Browse our collection of handcrafted woodblock stamps.
Each design tells a unique story, from intricate patterns to whimsical
illustrations. Choose the stamp that resonates with your creative vision.

Work Surface: Finding the perfect surface is the first step to success. A flat,
smooth area is best. Consider placing a gel printing plate or a foam mat
beneath. Alternatively, a magazine or similar material can also add just the
right amount of bounce (though experimentation is encouraged). In my own
practice, I prefer the reliability of a gel printing plate.

Ink It Up: Select your favourite ink colours. Experiment with different
shades to add depth and dimension to your stamped designs. Water-based
inks are a great choice for beginners and eco-conscious artists. Be careful
not to have too much ink/paint on your roller/sponge, as you will clog the
carved-out areas of your wood block.

Creative Canvas: Consider your canvas. Woodblock stamps can transform
paper, fabric, home decor, and more. They are also a great tool for
patterning on clay works. Various powders or oil sprays can be used with
clay to avoid any sticking. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Stamp with Love: Stamp with intention. Each press of the woodblock carries
your creative energy. Whether you're crafting greeting cards, enhancing your
journal, or adding a personal touch to gifts, infuse your creations with love.

Cleaning & Care: When finished, make sure you clean off all excess paint
with a rag. I wash my stamps under warm water and then dry them with a
towel straight away.

Explore and Share: The world is your canvas. Experiment with different
stamping techniques, layering, and colour combinations. Share your creations
with us and fellow artists on social media using #helloartfulwanderer

Let the journey of stamping begin. The possibilities are as boundless as your