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Tapestry Of The Heart, Mixed Media Painting

Tapestry Of The Heart, Mixed Media Painting

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A talented Australian artist, illustrator, and designer, Libby invites you to explore a realm where imagination takes flight and acrylic paints and mixed media converge to form stunning works that breathe life into spaces.

Description: The human heart, a tapestry of diverse emotions, beats uniquely in each of us, weaving the threads of our individual experiences into a shared connection with others and the Earth. The process of creating this artwork is an intuitive conversation with the artwork itself as colours and shapes develop on the canvas.

Medium: Acrylic & mixed media on canvas
Size: 50.8 Width x 60.5 Height x 3.5 Depth (cm)

Materials: Crafted with care, this piece comes to life using professional-grade acrylic paint & mixed media on a stretched canvas. A protective layer of UV matte varnish ensures the preservation of its vibrant allure. Artwork is ready to hang.

As an artist, Libby's work resonates not only with her vision but with the stories of those who encounter her art. With every brushstroke, she brings forth narratives that engage and inspire. She paints with her ethos in mind – Ignite positivity, inspire creativity and acknowledge our beautiful world.

Owning a piece of art is an intimate experience, a unique expression of your tastes and passions. Libby Mills’ creations are an invitation to weave emotion and inspiration into the fabric of your surroundings.

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